• 2014 SLP Sport Edition Silverado
  • 2014 SLP ZL Off-Road Silverado
  • 2014 SLP Panther 1LE
  • 2014 SLP ZL Camaro
  • 2014 SLP ZL327
  • 2014 SLP Panther
  • 2014 ZL Camaro
  • 2014 GMC Truck/SUV

Welcome to SLP!

2014 marks the 22nd year for SLP Specialty Vehicles, providing automotive enthusiasts with the very best in affordable, high-horsepower cars, trucks & SUVs, sold exclusively through GM dealers worldwide.

SLP Vehicles

700HP Escalade / EXT / ESV

Click for information on our 700HP Cadillac Sport Edition Escalades

700HP Panther

Click for information on our 2013 700HP Panther

700HP Sierra Sport Edition

Click for information on our 700HP GMC Sierra Sport Edition

Creating Tomorrow's Classics Today!

Our current line of Supercharged Specialty Vehicles carry on the tradition established by the 55,000+ Camaro SS, Firehawk & WS6 vehicles we produced for GM and its dealers from 1991-2002.

SLP's 5/100 Powertrain Warranty mirrors GM's Powertrain Warranty and applies to SLP vehicles with up to 600HP. SLP covers the engine and supercharger assembly only on the 700HP Vehicle models for 3years/36K miles. All warranties are SLP's and NOT a third-party.

If you experience a service related issue, please contact SLP's Service & Warranty Department at 732-240-3696. All SLP Warranties are serviceable directly through any authorized GM dealership.
Upcoming: Stay tuned for our Spring/Summer Schedule!
For details on how to order one of our SLP Specialty Vehicles, please contact on of our Customer Service Representatives at 732-240-3696 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm EST. You may also reach one of our Regional Managers at any time by using the Contact SLP section of this website.

Available Demo Vehicles

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